Fire Up The Feast Week, Pt 3

The 2011 edition of the 54-year-old city festival concluded Saturday at Lovers Point, where sugar-buzzed kids sampled each of the aforementioned attractions all day. Then they snuggled with their parents in the evening to celebrate the crowning of Queen Topaz and marvel at lantern-adorned vessels on Monterey Bay and fireworks exploding over the water.

“This was always a big thing to do when I was little, even though they didn’t have bounce houses and bubble machines in those days,” said Rick Martin, a former Monterey Peninsula resident who drove from Santa Clara to enjoy the event. “My family came every year to see the boats all lit up and the fireworks over the water. Those are great memories for me, even now, which is why I try to come back every couple of years.”

Rick has it about right. The Feast is a good time to reconnect if you have been away.

Last year’s excuse for a Feast was not what makes memories.

The entire day at the beach
Feast Of Lanterns Beach

Free live entertainment
Bryan Diamond FOL 2003

No fire of this kind. Though the free entertainment mentions other smokes

Feast Of Lanterns Smoke Smoke
Return of this kind of fire is welcome, even in the fog.
Feast Of Lanterns Fireworks 2000

Fire Up The Feast Week, Pt 3

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  1. Was there nothing worth commenting on in the past week? I don’t receive the Herald. (-:

  2. Hey, the NOAA here is killing the local fishing industry. That’s not a cosmetic issue!

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