Notice The Cell Tower In The Schoolyard?

Lighthouse School Cell Towers

That thing snuck in quick with no smart-meter like protests. But of course, ATT was allowed to use the downtown streets to advertise their wireless service that does not work to well in P.G.

Will the butterflies flock to the fake-tree tower AT$T plans to put up or will they avoid it and the nearby monarch sanctuary too?

The tower went in a few months ago at the old Lighthouse School, 1026 Lighthouse Ave., under a one-year lease approved by the school board, according to district assistant superintendent for business Robin Blakley.

AT&T pays the district $1,000 per month for use of the site, Blakley said, noting that the tower is on wheels and can be moved at any time.

AT&T, he said, is looking for places to put a permanent tower and needed a temporary location while the search was under way.

Notice The Cell Tower In The Schoolyard?

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