Lighthouse Avenue Pot Pushers Plucked

Fred Cohn gets his man.

No Pot Club

Cohn said Carr-Nshimba and at least one other MyCaregiver employee were on the premises at 554 Lighthouse Ave. when city code compliance coordinator David Wright and a police escort arrived, but refused to allow entry. After police forced their way inside, it took about an hour to search the premises, according to Cohn. There were no arrests.

The city sued MyCaregiver and Carr-Nshimba in February 2010, arguing that the operation violated the city’s zoning laws because they do not specifically accommodate medical marijuana facilities.

Judge Robert O’Farrell granted a temporary injunction against the operation last year, agreeing with the city that Carr-Nshimba had not been forthright on his business application by describing it as a “health care cooperative,” and said he would be distributing “herbal remedies.”

Lighthouse Avenue Pot Pushers Plucked