Joel Woods’ Son Testifies At Deborah King Trial

Tremendous strength, I’d say.

PGMS J Woods Flowers

Jake Woods gestured toward a self-drawn diagram of the accident scene to illustrate where his father was standing when he was hit, and where he landed after the collision. The diagram included sketches of both vehicles, his father and himself.

“I saw Dad look both ways as he went around the back of the truck to get in,” he said. “He was outside the driver-side door, with the door closed, and I heard a loud thump when the lady hit him. After he got hit, I didn’t really pay attention to the lady. He was in the gutter, bleeding all over the place. People were screaming and I didn’t know what to do.”

Jake described watching a school employee tend to his stricken father, and seeing teachers usher students toward the school cafeteria.

He said he went by himself to the school office, where he talked with teachers. He said he watched from the office as a tow truck pulled the car that had struck his father from the scene. He said he saw a broken windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle.