P.G. Woman Shows Anti Christmas Spirit

A bit anti American too. Says to give instead to corrupt third world nations. Nah.

If anything at all, look around a little closer to home.

A Pacific Grove woman believes many of the planet’s most daunting problems — world hunger, clean water, treating all AIDS patients, educating the masses and saving the rainforests — could be eliminated if Americans reduce their holiday spending by just 1 7percent and commit that money instead to a humanitarian effort.

She said a spending reduction of $334.20 per person — money that instead could be donated to humanitarian-focused nonprofit organizations — would heal many of the planet’s most-serious maladies.

“I was extremely surprised at what I found,” she said. “About a year ago, a cousin posted a Facebook video that stated that Americans spend $450billion each year on holidays, but only $10billion was needed to provide clean water for everybody on the planet. That really shocked me. Is that all it would take? If that’s the case, maybe these huge problems could actually be solved.”

P.G. Woman Shows Anti Christmas Spirit