Pacific Grove Triathlon Ignores Health Department Warnings

Enjoy the polluted ocean, Pacific Grove triathletes. Recent rain has washed more raccoon poop into the ocean. Please wash your hands before touching anything in town.

Cal Triathlon in Berkeley, sponsor of the event, noted that a swim clinic at Lovers Point was held Thursday and that the most recent water tests showed safe levels of bacteria.

Triathlon planners have said they intend to go ahead with events as planned. Planners told participants that they must make their own decision about swimming in the bay and that Cal Triathlon would not refund entry fees to those who choose not to swim in the event.

Sept Beach Pollutiuon

Pacific Grove Triathlon Ignores Health Department Warnings

4 thoughts on “Pacific Grove Triathlon Ignores Health Department Warnings

  1. The entire 4 week history was taken off the HD website and a statement declaring all beaches safe was put up. Does that seem right?

    Remain calm all is well

  2. They changed how they do it? In the old days it would be posted at 200ppm. Now they take a 30 day mean. So, even though it’s over limit for the Triathlon it’s 30 day score was under.

    Something is fishy with that chart you posted, it shows a testing on 9-6, but that was Labor Day & the county was not open. They tested it 9-7 too, where it’s 237. So whoever printed that thing better have an explanation.

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