Warnings Posted At Lovers Point

Poo in the water. Do you think that these people in the unmarked truck that are pressure washing the buildings and sidewalks should recover their rinse water and dispose of it properly instead of letting it run down the storm drains to the ocean? Do the Pacific Grove business owners even care?

Washing Sidewalks at Nancy’s Attic and Glenn Gobel frames

Sidewalk Washers

Washing facade and sidewalks at Chase bank

Chase Washers

Water from storm drain goes:
Lovers Point Sewer Pipe

County health officials are warning visitors to Lovers Point Beach to avoid going in the water after tests Monday found higher than normal levels of bacteria.

Health officials say humans and animals including seals, otters and birds can contribute to higher bacteria levels in addition to rainfall runoff and storm drains.

Warnings Posted At Lovers Point

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  1. What they don’t say is the poo count was 1017ppm. Legal limit is 400ppm. Must be the golf fans pooing in the water?

    • Taken June 4th, 2010. I see these kinds of workers often in the early morning.

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