How To Prepare For AT&T UVerse Install

Frequently asked question, how do I get ready for that new Internet and TV service from AT$T? As a public service, here you go:

Holding The ATT Banner

Prepare to have your sidewalks blocked while they tear up the place:
Att Uverse Blocking Sidewalk

Then get ready to have your landscaping scalped:
Att Uverse Kills Shrubs
And prepare to have some big graffiti attracting humming cabinets plopped down on every corner:
Att Uverse More Pedestals

Prepare to have your actions monitored

Att Spies Nsa

And prepare to be underwhelmed by DSL that is faster than Red Shift but still way slower than cable. Currently only the subscribers that are within a certain distance of those cabinets can get 2 high definition channels at the same time, and if you do watch or record your 2 concurrent HD channels, your internet slows down.

Prepare to be flooded with ads, and be told that Uverse is “fiber”. It’s fiber to the humming box, then it’s passed on to the old copper lines to your home.

Prepare to pay for 16 meg down and only get 6, because you live farther from the humming box. Guess what? Both pay the same no matter what speed of service you get.

You’re welcome!

How To Prepare For AT&T UVerse Install