Pollacci Rape Trial: Defense Strikes Back

Perhaps the cruelest part of any rape trial, defense weasels make the victim out to be a willing participant.

Liu asked her if it was a “word-finding” problem that caused her to tell police during her final interview that she had consensual intercourse with Pollacci after a cordial and romantic dinner.

“I remember trying to articulate it with what ability I had,” she said tersely. “… There was sex but it did not involve me. It was consensual being there as a part of that experience.”

She said she never told anyone because it was embarrassing.

Reading from a transcript from the recorded interview, Liu said she told police she was embarrassed because of Pollacci’s reputation and her “own lack of self-control.”

“Are those the words that you were able to find?” he said.

Turning to 2008, Liu asked the woman if she told police that her verbal exchange with Pollacci in the loft was friendly bantering.

Pollacci Rape Trial: Defense Strikes Back