Our Taxes At Work, $$ For House Flipping

Tough to imagine that there are still any unmolested homes in the retreat area that have not been torn down and replaced by re-creations by the likes of Juan The Builder.

Pacific Grove residents living in the town’s aging Victorian and Edwardian treasures who can’t afford to fix leaking plumbing, sparking electric wires and termite damage can get help from City Hall.

Pacific Grove has received federal Community Development Block Grant and state home improvement grant funding that it can draw from to help homeowners who qualify, said Laurel O’Halloran, housing program assistant for the city.

“We have some money to spend,” she said, and it must be used up during the next 18 months.

Juan the Builder’s Victorian House Flipping Before:
Juan The Builder Remodel

Juan The Builder Sunk It

Our Taxes At Work, $$ For House Flipping