Salinas Going Broke – Bankrolls Doubtful Green Cars

Tax dollars at work – making ugly slow cars that no one only elitist sustainability kooks would pay $25,000 for, if the manufacturer can deliver one. And that looks doubtful.

Check out the picture from the web site – it’s worded to make greenies bodies tingle from head to toe with sustainable schlock copy.

Green car schlock

The company’s 80,000-square-foot production site at the industrial park south of Salinas is still nearly empty and largely inactive, though the Green Vehicle Web site lists the address as its headquarters. Instead, the firm’s employees are working out of a temporary facility in Gilroy. Meanwhile, the state funding deal is still being processed, and it could be three more months before it comes through.

There have been hints of turmoil within the firm and complaints that the city’s contribution thus far has not directly resulted in any local jobs.

Salinas Going Broke – Bankrolls Doubtful Green Cars