Pebble Beach Golf Shuttle Shuffle

Welcome To The Crosby
Used to be you could drive into Pebble and park on the polo grounds or brave the soggy lots to park, or reward the young capitalists that ran private parking lots in their parents’ driveways. These days they keep most of the spectators’ cars out of the forest and make you ride buses into the event.

The best bus ride looks to be the Cannery Row shuttle. $10 for rides from Cannery Row parking garages to and from Pebble. $7 to park the car in the garage right next to the bus stop.

Keep driving past the CSUMB/Fort Ord 12th Street exit by Kohls & Best Buy. Exit on Aquajito Road. Keep going after MPC, land in Monterey or Cannery Row. If you are staying in P.G. head over to Cannery Row. You will be closer to some welcome services when you get back from crawling the course.

Next is the same deal in Downtown Monterey. Park in the garages on Tyler street and ride to Pebble.

Bad deal is the Pacific Grove Chamber Of Commerce. $15 to board a bus at the Mvsevm. There is no parking near the stop, you have to compete with locals to park in their neighborhood. When you return, you will be in the ghost town that is Pacific Grove.

Dreadful is the Fort Ord CSUMB route. Sure, it’s the first sign you see coming into town and it an easy on/off the freeway. But it’s out in the middle of nowhere (Marina).

Kmby 1240 Crosby 1975

Pebble Beach Golf Shuttle Shuffle

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  1. I live on Forest a blk from the beach, it was a bitch getting
    parking all weekend long.

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