Le Normandie Restaurant Special Of The Day: Frauduleux?


Wonder why they kept on opening & closing restaurants and didn’t just get jobs? The collective food talent looks great. Management skills look pathétique.

After the news began to question the the Richards’ stories of woe the whole thing goes aigre The news rack for the Pine Cone in front of the post office was vandalized the day the paper came out.

But to dispel doubt among skeptics who believe the Richards have feigned cancer to gain sympathy, Christine said she would provide medical records right away to prove that her husband and son had genuine illnesses.

On Tuesday, however, she said she needed another week to come up with the documents. And on Thursday, restaurant owner Nancy Lewis left a stern voicemail message:

“I want this whole harassment to stop,” Lewis said. “We are not going to give anymore interviews or information, and if anything more of this comes of this harassment and this National Enquirer point of view, then I’ll get my lawyer involved. This is it, Kelly. Stop it.”.

Le Normandie Restaurant Special Of The Day: Frauduleux?

2 thoughts on “Le Normandie Restaurant Special Of The Day: Frauduleux?

  1. I can confirm this. I am his exwife. I have spoken to private investigators, everything they are claiming is false. They deserve to be exported. If it weren’t for the statute of limitations I would have them in court.

  2. I run a small business in Pacific Grove, the owner Christine asked for a loan of undisclosed amount in exchange for free meals. After reading the newspaper story I refused and she said she would be deported if I did not help her. I still refused.

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