No Smoking On The Rec Trail

Now try and enforce it.
No Smoking Dogs

Tuesday, the Monterey City Council unanimously approved an updated ordinance regulating smoking in public places. The changes were intended to bring city law into line with state law.
… the city ordinance prohibits smoking on the Monterey Recreational Trail, beaches, enclosed buildings open to the public, including covered parking garages; buses, taxicabs, shuttles and other public transportation; city owned vehicles, outdoor service areas, including ATM lines, ticket lines, bus stops and transit depot waiting areas; and any location which the property or business owner declares to be non-smoking.

No Smoking On The Rec Trail

3 thoughts on “No Smoking On The Rec Trail

  1. This is exactely why I left the Monterey Pennisula. I grew up in Monterey (1949) and it was a great place up until about 1970. Then a bunch of “money people” came in and started making stupid rules. Can’t jump off the wharf for coins, can’t fish on wharf 1, don’t feed the ducks, no party’s on the beach, no fires on the beach, no fishing on wharf 2 past Russo’s, no parking in PG after the sun goes down, and god help you if you have a beer or two and wander out on Alverado St, massive amounts of polica will scoop you up. NO HAVING FUN IN MONTEREY, just come in and drop your money and leave. I now live on the north coast of the Yucatan where everybody gets along without rules, cops, and stupid rich folks.

  2. I hear ya – in my formative years the ‘rec trail’ was the SP railroad tracks that passed through the hobo jungles & Cannery Row was a bunch of dangerous abandoned buildings to explore.

  3. Ah, the good old days when you could still smoke on a plane and drinking and driving was a sport and not a crime.

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