BK? Maybe If We Ignore It . .

Let’s talk about out elite socialistic agenda disguised as sustainability instead, people will think it’s environmental and cute..

It’s the elephant in the room and a potential “hand grenade” that could blast apart Pacific Grove’s chances of recruiting employees, selling municipal bonds or closing contracts with vendors.

That was the message from Mayor Dan Cort about bankruptcy — otherwise known as “the B-word” — in Butterfly Town, U.S.A.

It has been lurking on the fiscal horizon as Pacific Grove struggles with falling revenues and increasing costs, exacerbated by the city’s liability under the California Public Employment Retirement System.

On Wednesday, the City Council agreed to take talk of bankruptcy off the table while discussing how to balance next year’s and future budgets.

Create a disaster, bail it out, take it over.
Sustainable Elelephant

BK? Maybe If We Ignore It . .