P.G. Sales Tax Hits 9.25%

Obama lied.

In two days, sales tax goes up one percent in California to help bring more money to the state. That means depending on the city, taxes will range from 8.25% to 10.25%.

Basically, the tax increases one cent on every dollar you spend. For example, if you want to buy a car that costs $20,000, after April 1, you will have to pay an additional $200 in sales tax.

Most cities in Monterey County will have an 8.25% sales tax. Some exceptions include Salinas where the sales tax will be higher at 8.75% and Pacific Grove at 9.25%. In Santa Cruz County, the city of Santa Cruz has the highest sales tax in the area at 9.5%. In San Benito County, Hollister has a 9.25%, same as nearby Gilroy.

Sales Taxes in the vicinity:

Pacific Grove 9.25%
Pebble Beach8 8.25%
Carmel 8.25%
Monterey 8.25%
Seaside 9.25
Sand City 8.75
Marina 8.25%
Salinas 8.75%
Prundale 8.25%

P.G. Sales Tax Hits 9.25%