Mayor Proposes Solar Investment In P.G.

Tuesday night, the City Council and the Pacific Grove Unified School District board met in joint session to talk about sharing resources to save costs.

One of those shared resources, according to Mayor Dan Cort, could be rooftops.

Cort proposed in the joint session that the city and school district offer panel space on their buildings to an investor who would construct solar power-generating panels on them.

There are people that are stupid enough to invest in solar panels for Pacific Grove? We’d need another person crazy enough to climb up there and clean the bird poo off the panels.
Solar In PG Right

Mayor Proposes Solar Investment In P.G.

2 thoughts on “Mayor Proposes Solar Investment In P.G.

  1. What other assinine ideas can the city council dream up?
    This surely has to top the list.
    What a bunch of eejits!!!

  2. Cort and his greenhorn posse advocate both fog catcher fed cisterns (one is located at the “Green Spot”) AND solar energy all at same time. Now that’s called hedging your bet Pagrovian style!

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