Farmers Market Finally Lands Downtown

After business owners protested the market for more than a year, the open air market on Lighthouse Avenue will go on every Monday from 4p.m. to 8p.m.

Many shoppers welcomed the farmers market and said it was over due in Pacific Grove.

Meanwhile, opponents of the market say only time will tell what if any affect the market will have on other businesses.


  • Needs:
  • More prices posted – don’t like to haggle over carrots.
  • More variety – more than carrots
  • Lower prices – some were higher than Savemart
  • Trash cans – some were overflowing into the street
  • Some open stores – the merchants that oppose the market should open and offer Farmers Market night specials. Artsy postcards, appetizers, whatever.
  • Don’t need:
  • Preachers (green or other) – don’t preach to me about green, sustainables, Obama, Jesus, whatever.
  • Different location – perfect location.

Final vote – two thumbs up. Take care of it and it can be a great thing.

Farmers Market Finally Lands Downtown