Who Runs Pacific Grove?

In Letters From The Editor

Have other people noticed whenever there is a significant controversy, including this latest episode, the P.G .Chamber of Commerce is right in the middle, its president quoted in the newspaper. Frankly, I wonder who is running this city, the chamber or our elected representatives.
Ron Sanchez
Pacific Grove

Well, the one who thinks he does is Moammar. Clueless Moe.

Moe Ammar

The Pacific Grove year is marked by seasonal celebrations. The Feast of Lanterns celebrates the culture of the Chinese fishermen who used to live along the water’s edge.

Moe refers to Pacific Grove by the words, “It’s a Small-town Thing.” He himself moved here 20 years ago. After graduating with a Hospitality degree from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Moe honeymooned at Pacific Grove’s Bid-a-Wee Motel. The contrast between Pacific Grove and Las Vegas captured Moe’s heart. He couldn’t wait to get back. He returned in 1986 with the intention of never leaving.

“We’re about the same as we were 50 years ago,” Moe says. “And we’re going to be the same 50 years from now, if we can help it.”

“We’re keeping something alive that shouldn’t vanish forever from our world,” Moe says. Pacific Grove is filled with residents who would agree with him.

I was here about 50 years ago and it is nowhere near the same. Once Moe moved in and said the answer lies in tourism did the small town family atmosphere cease to be. P.G. once had service stations, several grocery stores, pharmacies, a department store, a dime store, a municipal pool, multiple schools, things that served residents and families. Now we have bistros, art galleries and boutiques that change owners with the seasons, all there to fleece the vagrants. Families have moved out – there’s little for them to do in a town full of tourist attractions.

And Feast of Lanterns had nothing to do with the the Chinese fishermen, it was to celebrate the end of the Methodists’ Chautauqua Assembly. Moe is just trying to be politically correct – the Chinese fishing village was burnt down, presumably by intolerant residents.

Who Runs Pacific Grove?