New Monterey Police Blotter – January 2008

More recreation trail crime – vandalism and robbery.

1/1/08 Citizen 800 block of Lottie reported her orange 2008 registration tab was stolen from her vehicle.

1/1/08 Assistant Manager of Kentucky Fried Chicken reports the women’s bathroom door to have been locked from the inside.

1/2/08 Citizen reports unknown to have possibly taken her watch from locker 12 at the Spa at the Monterey Plaza Hotel.

1/2/08 Citizen reports being robbed by an unknown white male adult with facial hair and wearing a black beanie at the recreation trail area near window by the bay.

1/3/08 Public Works reports unknown to have tagged the west wall of the South Bore Tunnel with spraypaint.

1/5/08 Found diaper bag at Prescott and Wave.

1/12/08 Citizen reports the rear, right window of her vehicle being smashed while parked in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

1/14/08 SYNDER, RICHARD was cited for driving on a suspended license, driving vehicle without an interlock device and failing to obey no left turn sign.

1/16/08 Citizen reports graffiti to the north wall of 550 Lighthouse.

1/16/08 Found wallet in the parking lot located at Foam and David.

1/17/08 Citizen 1500 block of David Ave reports unknown to have stolen his burgundy ceramic flower pot from his yard.

1/17/08 MPD reports vandalism/graffiti to the recreation trail, west of Wharf 1, on the sidewalk and light poles.

1/17/08 Citizen 500 block of Lighthouse reports unknown to have passed two counterfeit $100.00 bills at two different locations on Cannery Row.

1/17/08 Citizen 800 block of Terry Street reports theft from his unlocked pickup.

1/19/08 CARRASCO, ANGELA HFA 1664 Crest Hill Way reports finding a five dollar bill at Wave and Foam on 1-18-08 at approximately 1700 hours.

1/20/08 Citizen reports an unknown to vandalized his rental car while parked at 32 Cannery Row.

1/21/08 MPD towed a Red 67 Chev Truck from the 800 block of Belden for having expired registration for over 6 Mo.

1/21/08 MPD towed a Gray 84 Porsche 944 from the 800 block of Belden for having expired registration.

1/22/08 Pacific Grove PD was aided in the recovery of their stolen Isuzu work truck in the 400 block of Pearl.

1/22/08 Citizen 800 block of Filmore reports the tires on his car to have been punctured on 1-21-08 between 1330 and 1430 hours.

1/24/08 Theft of an black iron garden bench from the front area of her business in the 200 block of Lighthouse.

1/25/08 Citizen reports the attempted theft of a change machine in the parking lot at Wave and Foam.

1/25/08 MPD reports finding two plastic bins filled with various machinery parts, electrical and electronic wiring, electric motors, pulleys and belts scattered in the roadway on Irving at Pine.

1/27/08 Citizen reports the theft of a change machine from his parking lot, 500 block of Wave.

1/29/08 MPD aid Pacific Grove PD in recovering runaway juvenile.

1/30/08 Citizen 800 block of Taylor reported the attempted theft of his 2008 Suzuki.

New Monterey Police Blotter – January 2008

2 thoughts on “New Monterey Police Blotter – January 2008

  1. The police blotter posted on this site does not show a single incident that required an immediate, emergency response. This suggests that Pacific Grove’s budget problems could be eased by reducing the number of 24/7 patrol cars from two to one.

  2. Ron, the police blotter here is from Monterey (they have a Lighthouse Avenue, too), not Pacific Grove.

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