Jeffrey Flathers – Legend In His Own Mind

“Press Release” sent to the Hear-Old:

“The Citizens of Pacific Grove have spoken with a thunderous roar,” thundered the roaring Flathers, a former member of the city’s budget and finance committee. “The people’s demand for a return to common sense in local government spending couldn’t be clearer, and I offer my congratulations to residents for securing this seminal victory for Democracy.”

Each tax measure had about 2000 no votes. Not too thunderous with a population of 15,000.

Kook. Was his own losing bid for PG City Council a “thunderous roar” too?

Jeffrey Flathers – Legend In His Own Mind

2 thoughts on “Jeffrey Flathers – Legend In His Own Mind

  1. Hey, did you notice that the number of “No” votes is about the same as the number of votes Flathers got in his losing attempt to get elected? Another thunderous message.

    It was funny how the Hear-Old followed up on the press release from Flathers, citing the verbal diarrhea contained therein.

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