New Vacancies In New Monterey

Another Furniture store goes into “We Quit” mode. Will they stick around for the annual going out of business sale like the Lane store?
842 Lighthouse Furniture OOB

No Foul, No Loss – the rusty yard decor store moved to the Grove building in PG. This was at onetime a store that residents went to for small motor repair or power tools, Brody’s.

New Vacancies In New Monterey

2 thoughts on “New Vacancies In New Monterey

  1. It was sad to see a picture of Brody’s power equipment as a now defunt business. I worked as a repairman for several years in the late 70,s to ealry 80,s for mr. Pura and his son Ollie. I saw the humblest patron to movie stars bring their equipment in. I was especially proud that for years I sharpened the mower reels used at pebble beach golf course. thanks for the memory

    Mike Vanover

  2. Yes, Lighthouse Avenue businesses no longer are aimed for residents of the area. Tourists and weekenders is where it’s at.

    Sad, too that things are not built to last like they used to be. Power tools no longer have easy access to motor brushes, and if you are able to take them apart it’s not easy to find spares.

    Thanks for visiting and writing.

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