Samson Locked Out Of Dog Friendly P.G.

P.G.’s first ever hearing to ban an animal from town. Is this too much time spent on a non-event?

The black lab that fatally mauled a TV anchorwoman’s Maltese in Pacific Grove will be banned for life from the city and must attend a behavior modification program, a hearing officer determined this week.

The dog was returned to its Southern California owners Thursday, according the P.G. police department.
Garcia encouraged Samson’s owners, Donna Marie Bazan and her father, Donald Armstrong, to pay all veterinary costs Ospina incurred for Lulu and those associated with a bite she received to her left forearm in the attack.

At the Aug. 16 hearing, which was believed to be the first of its kind in the city, Armstrong offered to pay those bills. But there could also be other costs.

“It is strongly encouraged, should Ospina decide to get another dog,” Garcia noted, “the cost of the new dog and initial vaccinations are to be paid by Bazan.”

Samson Locked Out Of Dog Friendly P.G.