Ban The PODS?

PODS containers — as large as 16 feet long and 8 feet high — are an eyesore, impede the city’s narrow streets and are left in one place too long. “All of a sudden,” police chief Darius Engles said Tuesday, “we started getting complaints that these storage containers have been parked on a street for two or three months.”

Oh alright, we’ll pass a law to keep giant boxes off the streets But now we are thinking! Don’t run the giant boxes out of town, monetize the streets!

The ordinance would require P.G. residents to pay a $30 city fee to use the containers and would limit their use on city streets to seven days. Residents could opt to pay another $30 to extend the use for another seven days.

Treat them all equal – PODS


. . and shipping containers. There’s two on this street alone!

Pods Fake

Ban The PODS?