Open House Signs Block Sidewalks

Must be though selling houses these days. But not as tough as navigating the sidewalks, say if one was in a wheelchair . . .

Kelller Williams Sign In Way

In Union City the hazardous signs are confiscated:

For the past four weekends, a city employee, working overtime, has patrolled streets in search of violating signs. On the first weekend, courtesy notices, explaining the city’s longstanding sign ordinance, were placed on the signs. Since then, the signs have been confiscated.

At least 50 of them – mostly free-standing signs directing home buyers to an open house – still are sitting in the city’s corporation yard, Public Works Director Mintze Cheng said. No fines have been levied against the violators.

The signs were becoming a safety issue, Cheng said. Clusters of free-standing “open house” signs block sidewalks, while others end up in the street, she said.

But real estate brokers say the policy makes it harder to sell homes.

Oh boo hoo for the real estate shysters.

Lets take out the ghetto sidewalk graffiti signs too. But instead of holding them captive at the city yard, burn them . .

Sidewalk Sign Ugly Signs

Open House Signs Block Sidewalks