Business Group Wants To Sell Town’s Soul

When people near and far imagine Pacific Grove, there isn’t necessarily one image that comes to mind. And that’s a concern to business owners who want to draw more visitors and boost sales in America’s Last Hometown.

Another issue that came up repeatedly was the fact that the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau no longer promotes Pacific Grove.

Nancy Holland, owner of Reincarnation Vintage Clothing in Pacific Grove, said she went to the bureau’s kiosk at El Estero on Sunday to investigate because she hadn’t heard a single foreign accent in her shop this summer.

She asked the person behind the counter whether there were any “cute little antique shops in Pacific Grove.”

“She goes, ‘I’m sorry. They don’t want to participate. I can’t tell you anything. I’ll tell you how to get to the border (of Pacific Grove),'” Holland said, adding, “Talking about these idea are all well and good, but if people don’t come here, we’re going to die.”

It these businesses sold something people wanted in the first place, they would be found.

When I tell business associates that I live in Pacific Grove, the image is one of beaches and hotels, not antique stores or even restaurants. Tourists come to P.G. for a quiet hotel room, and then go to Carmel or Monterey to vacation. Give P.G. back to the locals. Or pimp the town and build a casino or music hall.

Business Group Wants To Sell Town’s Soul