The Dilworth Phenomenon

Dapper Dilworth

The San Francisco Chronicle printed side-by-side pictures this week of two prominent Monterey Peninsula residents.

On the right was Clint Eastwood, an international movie star, Oscar-winning director, conservationist, philanthropist, former Mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, land owner, developer, partner in the Pebble Beach Co., and one of the driving forces behind that company’s plan to eliminate potential homesites in Del Monte Forest while building a new golf course and hotel rooms.

On the left was David Dilworth, a high school graduate whose personal accomplishments wouldn’t fill a postage stamp.

Last weekend, the Herald even bestowed an advanced education on Dilworth, calling him an “environmental biologist.” Never mind that he doesn’t actually have so much as a bachelor’s degree in any scientific field.

What Dilworth does have is a lot of opinions and a lot of free time on his hands.

Attention Whore.

The Dilworth Phenomenon