New Monterey Police Blotter – September 2006

9/1/06 BROWN, ROSS was arrested for DUI at Drake and Hawthorne. POLD: Hog’s Breath.

9/2/06 HERBST, MACKENZIE was arrested for DUI at Foam/Cannery Row at 0157 hours. POLD: Brittania Arms.

9/4/06 LANDON, JEFFREY was arrested for DUI on Seeno at Scott. POLD: Sly Mcfly’s.

9/4/06 Victim in the 1100 block of McClellan St reports vandalism to her vehicle while parked in the carport.

9/7/06 Victim reports being battered by an unknown Hispanic male while exiting Planet Gemini (625 Cannery Row).

9/7/06 MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM reported vandalism to the Heritage Harbor parking garage.

9/7/06 Victim reported the theft of his brown 1990 Ford Ranger pick-up from Irving and Filmore.

9/7/06 Victim 700 block of Grace reports unknown to have stolen his prescription medication from his unlocked vehicle.

9/9/06 MPD towed a Blue 02 Chev Tahoe and a Silver Toyota Camry 4Dr from Prescott east of Wave and a Silver 00 VW Passat from Cannery Row north of Drake for being parked in a tow away zone.

9/9/06 Citizen had his red, Specialized FSRXC Cross Country Mountain bike stolen from the bike rack at Cannery Row and David between 1530 hours and 1645 hours today.

9/9/06 Citizen reports the theft of his bicycle from the bus depot of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

9/11/06 CITY OF MONTEREY had unknown spray paint graffiti on the utility box at Foam and Reeside.

9/11/06 CITY OF MONTEREY had unknown spray paint graffiti in the 200 block of the Recreation Trail.

9/12/06 Theft of a gold Oriental fortune telling machine from in front of the business at 835 Cannery Row between 9-11-06 at 1930 and 9-12-06 at 0900 hours.

9/13/06 The Monterey Bay Aquarium, 886 Cannery Row reports two white male adults, 20-30’s driving a black Dodge Durango to have stolen an ATM machine from the food court. POE: Unlocked gate and open door.

9/14/06 Citizen 1000 block of Hoffman reports theft of a fog light from his 1986 BMW

9/14/06 ELLIS, RIAN was placed under citizen’s arrest for petty theft at Nob Hill, 900 Lighthouse.

9/15/06 Fight in the 700 block of Terry.

9/16/06 WARD-WILLIAMS, WILLIE was arrested for driving while under the influence of Alcohol, having a BAC of .08% or higher, and for driving on a suspended license at pacific and Scott. POLD: Planet Gemini.

9/16/06 Victim reports his toolbox containing tools (value $295) was taken from the unsecured bed of his pickup truck in front of his home in the 500 block of Spencer.

9/16/06 Citizen reports being grabbed around wrist by an unknown Hispanic female staff member and being pushed by an unknown Hispanic male staff member at the Gemini Club, 625 Cannery Row on this date at 0030 hours.

9/17/06 MCGOWAN, MICHAEL was arrested for public intoxication at the 400 block of Hawthorne. MCGOWEN was found to be in possession of methamphetamine.

9/18/06 GARRISON, MICHAEL was arrested for possession of a methamphetamine pipe at the 700 block of Lighthouse.

9/18/06 Victim 600 block of Laine reports the burglary of two pay washing machines in the carport.

9/18/06 Victim 800 block of Archer St reports the theft of his vehicle’s license plate.

9/19/06 Citizen reports being assaulted by an unknown attacker wielding a tire iron in the 600 block of Cannery Row.

9/19/06 MPD received report of graffiti on the Rec Trail between Bruce Ariss Way and David Ave.

9/19/06 ORTIZ-VELASQUEZ LUIS was arrested for driving on a suspended drivers license in the 700 Blk of Hawthorne.

9/21/06 SMITH, ALAN DANIEL was arrested for public intoxication at Irving and Belden.

9/24/06 REYNOLDS, LARRY GENE was cited for possession of glass bottle on Macafee Beach.

9/26/06 PIELSTICK, CHRISTOPHER was arrested for DUI on Lighthouse and Pvt. Bolio. POLD: Bulldog.

New Monterey Police Blotter – September 2006