Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

While some stores loudly complained about the closure of Forest & Lighthouse for the poorly engineered road re-do, others want to take away parking spaces so no one will park and shop.

Where did this kooky idea come from?

“I think the visuals of folks enjoying themselves in the sunshine socializing will be a greater draw,” said Todd Champagne, co-owner of Happy Girl Kitchen.

Oh, the place that uses the handicap PARKING SPACE for their deliveries. And what’s up with the folding chairs blocking the other space – is a parade on the way?
happy girl parking

Remove P.G.’s Parking Spaces?

Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel . . .

Take ‘em down. Especially if they are seasonal home use grade – not meant for outdoor exposure for long periods.


City code allows the lights to be on display from the third Wednesday of November until the second Wednesday of January. The law applies to trees, public rights-of-way and private properties in commercial zones, and commercial operations in residential districts.

Nearly all merchants have complied, but there are some who should remove the remaining lights, said planning chief Rob Mullane.

Christmas Lights Year Round In P.G. But In Carmel

Moe Ammar Hates The Rain & The Olympics

Moe says the weather dampened the grabs for tourist dollars. IMO it was the normal high prices and lack of major celebrities at Pebble Beach. Traffic outbound in the evenings at 156 & 1 was heavier than usual.

Early signs are attendance and possibly ticket sales fell at this year’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Rain at the PGA Tour event did more than occasionally stop play — it kept many guests in their hotel rooms or, worse, at home.

“I totally attribute it to the weather,” said Moe Ammar, president of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce.

Ammar said he heard from locals who decided to watch the tournament at home because of the weather and guessed the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics also kept people indoors.

Moe Ammar Hates The Rain & The Olympics

Is The Garbage Contract Up For Review?

Something to consider – big dumpsters getting away and smaller driverless trucks following.

The episode started about 5:40 a.m. Friday when a small garbage truck was picking up a large trash bin that got loose and started rolling downhill. The driver got out to chase the bin, but didn’t set his truck brake.

The truck, too, rolled downhill, hit two parked cars, a house and a sport-utility vehicle that rammed into a second home.

Both homes were damaged, and the gas line at the first one was broken.

Is The Garbage Contract Up For Review?

Survey: P.G. Wants Its Own Cops

Like most humans though, those surveyed changed their minds when told about the cost.


The report was prepared by Pacific Grove resident Hank Armstrong, vice president of communications for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and police Sgt. Carl Lafata.

Some 76 percent of respondents preferred a city police department, even when told it would cost considerably more than a regional police plan or contracting for services.

But when told contracting for police services or a regional policing plan could save the city as much as $500,000 or $1 million a year, about 69 percent said they would support the idea, while 22 were unlikely to support it.

Survey: P.G. Wants Its Own Cops

Poor Intersection Fix To Get Fixed

If it wasn’t broke, break it so it can get fixed? A step toward banning cars downtown? And why is the intruding mess not as big over at Bratty’s corner?

Curb Run Over, 4/10/2013

Forest & Lighthouse - Now
recent – same tracks, 2/15/2014

cone zone bumpout
2 cones and a pylon, still getting hit.

The city’s weekly bulletin says the curb feature at the southwest corner of the intersection was reviewed by the city traffic engineer, who felt it should be cut back four feet. That will put the curb outside the standard 30-feet turning radius.

Poor Intersection To Get Fixed

Stuart Elder Waives Preliminary Hearing

Sharon Daly had been drinking.

Recently, prosecutors and Elder’s attorney revealed that blood tests show Daly had also been drinking prior to the deadly crash, although no details about either driver’s level of intoxication have been made public.

Friends of the two women have expressed frustration about the many months it took to charge Elder after the collision, but his waiving of the preliminary hearing could now speed the process along.

Officials with the district attorney’s office said at least some of the delay was because a “black box” that records braking, speed and other vehicle information was difficult to extract from the women’s car.

Stuart Elder Waives Preliminary Hearing

Sheriff’s Son Arrested Again

Sheriff Scott Miller’s son was arrested by probation officers on Tuesday in Pacific Grove after he allegedly stole “well over $1,000″ in goods from Asilomar Conference Grounds, State Parks officials said.

Asilomar superintendent Eric Abma said Jacob Miller, who is in Monterey County Jail, stole phones, iPads, at least one laptop, and a “couple” of purses on Thursday and Friday.

Abma said he could not specify where the items were stolen from or if they were taken from people attending a conference.

Sheriff’s Son Arrested Again

Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk

Asilomar must have saved a ton of $$ when they fill up with dirty hippies. Think of the savings on water and towel usage.

Dirty Hippie

Organics make up 4 percent of at-home food sales, said the Organic Trade Association. Cantisano said organic food is only mainstream for urban, educated people “of means.”

“The majority of it is consumed on the coast,” he said. “… You don’t even have to go very far from Monterey to find a total lack of it. You have to look long and hard if you get to Greenfield or King City.”

Still, the conference continues to grow considerably.

By the end of the 1980s it had about 500 people attending a year. By the time it moved to Asilomar Conference Grounds in the 1990s it had jumped to around 800.

For the last four years, much of the lodging near the conference grounds has sold out.

Organic Growers Look Down On The Common Folk