Juan The Builder Measured Once, Cut Costs Illegally

Business comes crashing down just like his work at 419 Congress

Sunken Living Room

Normal contractor crimes of license and workers comp fraud. Amazing that more are not caught.

The District Attorney’s office said it received a complaint in 2012, stating Rosas’ business, Juan the Builder and Associated, Inc., was operating without a valid license and without workers’ compensation insurance for his employees.

During a joint investigation, fraud investigators said they worked with the Contractor State License Board and found Rosas had been been fraudulently reporting a minimum payroll to the State Compensation Insurance Fund from March 2007 to September 2012.

Juan The Builder Measured Once, Cut Costs Illegally

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

LHA Starbucks

The closed KFC on Lighthouse Avenue in New Monterey has been transformed into Starbucks and Pacific Grove’s MoeAmmar sent out a message that there are P.G. coffee sellers that are superior to the mega coffee chain.

Shirt-for-hire wants us all to know that P.G. offers up coffee that costs more, is less convenient and has fewer choices than Starbucks.

The new Starbucks has a drive through, coffee that is cheaper, open for business when people want it and stands a less chance of being pooped on by gulls. No wonder P.G. fails to attract tourist dollars.

In reaction to a new multi-million dollar Monterey Starbucks opening less than 400 feet from its border, the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce took an advertisement in Wednesday’s Herald declaring its “preferred coffee shops.”

Starbucks is not on the list and Thursday the chamber will launch a marketing campaign to highlight its smaller, independent coffee shops.

“My mission is to educate and remind our residents and our businesses there are, at least, nine, 10 places where you can have coffee that, to me, is better than Starbucks,” chamber president Moe Ammar said.

Pacific Grove Offers Alternates To Starbucks

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking

I say they should be allowed to sleep in Parklets overnight too.

The Pacific Grove City Council on Wednesday moved closer to creating a city ordinance allowing homeless people to sleep in their cars at church parking lots and other approved locations.

The city has been “visionary” in its approach to homelessness, said Tia Sukin, founder and director of One Starfish Safe Parking and Supportive Services, which will run the project.

“They’ve also been very aggressive in making sure this gets on their agenda. That’s really nice to see, trying to help people,” she said.

Under the program, homeless people with vehicles will be screened before they are approved to sleep in a designated church or other parking lot.

Pacific Grove Tries To Attract Homeless With Free Parking

At Least It’s Not Gull Poop Covering The Sidewalk

When you don’t have enough room to bolt a fence to the sidewalk and your sandwichboard sign is not big enough just take some paint and use the sidewalk to advertise your shop. At least use a paint that matches gull droppings.
menu on a sidewalk

At Least It’s Not Gull Poop Covering The Sidewalk

Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Pick a fight with the Favaloros, eh? That’s what they like. According to the newz, the fence must be bolted permanently to the sidewalk due to liquor rules. So is it a cafe or a bar?

City Manager Tom Frutchey told News Channel 5 the city authorized the business to build temporary, movable fencing, but not permanent. Otherwise, he said Cafe Ariana is making public property, private.

On Friday, the city made a visit to the business and said it would help take down the fencing. The city told News Channel 5 it would be willing to weld steel bars to the bottom of the fence so that it’s movable.

Favaloro said she’s ready to close her business of nearly 21 years because the city went back on its word

Please. Leave. Don’t forget to give back the sidewalk you fenced off.

Favaloros Might Just Take Their Fence And Go

Also see the video segment with the owner’s dramatics.

Are Internet Room Rentals Hurting Local Motels?

A little. Bigger story is that they are getting away with not paying their fair share of tax. Then the tax collector uses the ‘no resources” excuse to not go after them.

I offer my plan. Have the parking enforcement department search the web and collect addresses since they are not enforcing parking anyway. Then impose a yearly flat tax based on number of rooms the house has. Should get enough revenue to hire someone at the tax collection office to actually collect taxes.

Pacific Grove inn owner Amrish Patel said the lack of regulation on sales tax for these rentals can create an unfair advantage.

“It’s not fair that we’re being taxed and they’re not,” Patel said. “But I don’t know how you can enforce that.”

The city of Pacific Grove prohibits renting out private rooms, but does allow homeowners to rent out their whole house if they get a transient use license. KSBW searched for rentals in the Pacific Grove area and found more than 150 renters listing private bedrooms for rent.

Monterey County tax collector Mary Zeeb said neighbors call in to report illegal renting but that her staff does not have the time or resources to check whether each renter paid sales tax on the revenue.

And what kind of P.G. homeowner would be opening up their house for profits with no overhead cost?

Sustainakook Joy Colon-Jello for starters

Internet Room Rentals Hurting Local Motels?

A Year In Jail For Contractor


In addition to jail and probation, Robert Gunn was also sentenced to 300 hours of community service and ordered to pay more than $10,000 in fines, according to the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office.

The 69-year-old employer claimed to have just gotten insurance but said he didn’t have it at the time of the injury. He also said he was in the process of registering with the Employment Development Department.

Sure he was.

A Year In Jail For Contractor

Is Parking A Real Problem In P.G?

So much that Moe is offering thirty bucks if you get a ticket. What next? Moe should offer free car washes if the gulls poop on your car.

And no matter what the parking enforcement is I see that the 300 block of Fountain remains as all day employee parking.

fountain parking

So why the spike in May then? Police said they started sending officers out part-time more that month — mostly in response to complaints from businesses.

Between the two parking enforcement officers, they usually issue anywhere between four and 600 citations per month — for an average of about 6,000 citations per year.

And if that two-hour window isn’t enough for you to do your dining and shopping and you wind up with a parking ticket, Ammar has a solution.

“What we typically do is offer 30 dollars — the cost of a citation — for dinner or lunch anywhere in downtown Pacific Grove,” he said.

Those offers are made on a case by case basis — with proof of your receipt.

Is Parking A Real Problem In P.G?

Favaloro Fences In The Tables So You Can Be Under The Table

So is is a Cafe or is it a bar? The drama goes on about the loss of the sidewalk in front of Cafe Ariana.

In order to serve alcohol, some type of enclosure is required by the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control. The owners at Cafe Ariana feel the rug is being pulled out from underneath them.

“I think its kind of sad that there’s opposition to this because Pacific Grove has always been a sleepy town and I know we’ve been here for almost 21 years and it hasn’t been getting easier,” Favaloro said.

Favaloro Fences In The Tables So You Can Be Under The Table