Those Substainable Reusable Tote Bags Will Kill You

Single use plastic bags are always more sanitary.

California Bag Ban

Safeway and Albertsons say if you bring your own bag, employees will not be able to touch them or fill them, so you’ll have to do your own bagging. Some stores, like the Safeway at 6310 College Ave. in Oakland, have a large sign informing customers of the policy change. At others, you might not learn about it until the cashier rings you up.

The policy is not unique to supermarkets. Trader Joe’s, Total Wine and More, Target and dollar stores are reportedly following similar procedures.

Those Substainable Reusable Tote Bags Will Kill You

Officials Quiet On Asilomar Cruise Ship Passengers

Don’t need a riot on the beach.

State officials on Wednesday said they will not disclose whether 21 patients housed at Asilomar Hotel and Conference Center in Pacific Grove have tested positive for the coronavirus, but are saying those individuals are highly isolated from the public and that the concern should be focused on the people who have the virus and are walking freely around the county.

Officials from the California Office of Emergency Services on Wednesday refused to say whether the Asilomar patients had tested positive, only that they were not sick enough for hospitalization. They did not return voicemails or emails requesting comment.

Officials Quiet On Asilomar Cruise Ship Passengers

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar


Monterey County District 5 Supervisor Mary Adams, who represents Pacific Grove, said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has specific criteria for sites that can be used for quarantines. She said that’s why the state chose Asilomar to quarantine the passengers.

“Asilomar, a state-owned facility, is one of the places that was identified,” Adams said. “So as the people up in Oakland were trying to parse out all of the folks around the state to different places, each one going to a spot that was the right level of care for them, there were people who were identified that should be able to come and stay at Asilomar.”

Local politicos remind us that they did not invite or volunteer to take in the passengers. Might be bad for elections.

Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake said state officials informed City Manager Ben Harvey Tuesday afternoon.

“The city was not part of any decision-making process to bring people to Asilomar,” he said. “We learned of this after the fact, pretty much at the same time the public learned that the state had decided to bring people to Asilomar.”

Cruise Ship Passengers Will Stay At Asilomar

Coronavirus Closes Aquarium

Aquarium Kalisas

Pacific Grove Good Old Days, Pebble Beach Food & Wine also cut.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is temporarily closing to the public as a precaution against the spread of the new coronavirus.

In a press release Thursday afternoon, the Aquarium said it was closing “with the health and safety of our employees, volunteers and guests top of mind, and as a precautionary measure following the governor’s executive order canceling large gatherings.”

Coronavirus Closes Aquarium

DOJ and OES Come To Town

Welcome the TLA agents
US Marshals

“We are (guarding the area) now,” said one U.S. Marshall staffed at a Sinex Avenue entrance into the quarantined area of the conference center. The U.S. Marshall asked that his name not be used because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Behind the U.S. Marshals, staff from the California Office of Emergency Services wearing bright orange gloves were working on a staging area for individuals being brought in or out of the makeshift facility. Crocker Avenue between Sinex Avenue and Sunset Drive has been closed to traffic. Crocker borders the quarantine area.

DOJ and OES Come To Town

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

More hand washing stations, that will make it good.

Good Old Days, the annual big bash in Pacific Grove that has historically drawn hundreds of people to Butterfly Town, is moving ahead undaunted by the spread of the coronavirus.

Chamber of Commerce President Moe Ammar said Tuesday the only way Good Old Days will be cancelled is if the Monterey County Health Department orders it.

“We’ll only react to the health department,” Ammar said. “If they say cancel the event then we will. We have 235 vendors and only one said they wouldn’t come.”

Event planners have increased the number of hand-washing stations and cleaning crews, he said.

Stupid Things Moe Says, 2020

Coronavirus Comes To P.G.

Cruise ship passengers will be quarantined at Asilomar Conference Grounds. Nothing to help a speedy recovery more than being stuck there.

Asilomar Tent Rooms

During a press conference on Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that Monterey County would house some of the evacuated passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship that tested positive for coronavirus.

According to Monterey County District Supervisor Chris Lopez, the handful of passengers coming to the county would be quarantined at Asilomar Hotel & Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove.

Monterey County District Supervisor Mary Adams who represents that part of the county, said four to eight people are expected to be housed at the hotel. The hotel was selected because it meets all of CDC’s guidelines for quarantine.

Coronavirus Comes To P.G.


P.G. Cops May Go Back To School

Police Academy

In an initial response to the revelations, which were published in The Pine Cone Feb. 14, Pacific Grove Police Chief Cathy Madalone — who was hired after most of the accidents occurred — posted a message on Facebook Feb. 20 that said there’s nothing wrong with the department’s practices. According to a Monterey resident who saw the story but did not want her name used in this story, a PGPD supervisor told her some of the department’s officers are not trained to investigate vehicle accidents.
In response to that claim, police administrative services manager Jocelyn Francis told The Pine Cone that, while sworn officers who graduated from California police academies were formerly required to undergo additional training to investigate traffic collisions, the requirement no longer exists.

P.G. Cops May Go Back To School

New Hotel Builders Step Up To ATC

First Awakenings will have to close, leaving the birds to fend for themselves.

It seems that no one wants to be associated with the last disaster. Entire news article has no mention of the name “Bella”. The name will go down in P.G. history as being a description for any failed building project where the elected and appointed city leaders have their fingerprints on.

“The first one ended, is done, expired and those applicants are gone, they are no longer affiliated with the property at all,” said Anastazia Aziz.


In June of 2019 new developers took over the job and it is now moving forward.

The plan is to build a 225 room hotel using a portion of the old American Tin Cannery Building and constructing the rest. The 5.59-acre property is located at 125 Oceanview Blvd. in the city’s coastal zone. The hotel would have a restaurant, multiple bars, meeting spaces and an underground garage with 260 parking spaces.

New Hotel Builders Step Up To ATC

Another Vote To Pour Money Into Schools

We keep hearing that schools need more money to educate the children, but all I see are multi-million dollar football fields, parking lots and administration buildings.

A $7,000,000.00 artificial turf football field
Breaker Stadium 6 Million

A parking lot at PGHS
Dmc PGhs Parking Lot

Offices? Maintenance yard?
Dmc PGms Offices

Administrator Offices?
Measure X PG Sd Offices

This heavy duty sign must cost at least $800 to build and anchor with concrete. That architect is not local.
School Dmc Sign

Pacific Grove to vote on $30 million bond for school maintenance